KT Performance announces the release of the NEW TraXion Pro Gear Foldable Topside Creeper


The all new Professional Topside Creeper reaches 12” higher than The Original. This allows the Professional TopSide Creeper to access larger equipment such as big rigs, monster trucks, military vehicles and airplanes. The NEW Professional TC is also significantly wider. This fixes the torso pinch problem of The Original. The greater width makes The Professional TopSide Creeper more stable and much more comfortable for the bigger technician.

It has an I-Base design that allows more flexible positioning around the vehicle. The PRO TC allows the technician to reach 40% more area around the front of most vehicles and equipment. The Professional Topside Creeper glides into place - even over debris and rough shop floors thanks to the new 5” synthetic rubber casters. Two of the casters lock into place to provide leverage on tools.


The Professional Topside Creeper folds much more compact than the Original Topside Creeper. This is very important in space challenged shops. It is is also much easier to deploy and recover which saves valuable time and space.


The ProGear TopSide Creeper includes a Cable Management System. The wired technician can route cables and/or air hoses through the PigTail keepers so that the lines are conveniently out of the way. This is another feature of the ProGear TopSide Creeper that shows our understanding of today’s technician. It’s about productivity. The Cable Management System takes seconds to utilize but saves much more time in productivity. This feature is particularly favorable for paint and body shops and aircraft maintenance.


The ProGear TopSide Creeper has a fully padded frame with a replaceable, padded upholstery cover. The cover is secured using velcro, so it is removable for cleaning or replacement. The upholstered cover slides over a sling instead of a hard plywood deck. This improves comfort, reduces weight and makes replacing the decking much easier.

PRICE: $440.00 + Free Shipping!

For more information log onto www.ktperformance.net