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Regardless of the year, make, or model, our diesel pickup trucks rely heavily on a safe, clean fuel source. As much as we wish we could, we cannot afford to trust the fuel straight out of the pump and factory filtering. Oftentimes, aftermarket fuel lift pump systems are associated with performance and while that is true, they are important for even an everyday truck.

Our trucks live and die by proper fuel volume and cleanliness. FASS Fuel Systems offers a plethora of products for many different trucks and engine configurations. Their Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel lift pump was engineered to be the top-performing, longest-lasting, and most reliable aftermarket filtration device in the diesel industry. 


A tall order for sure, but they stand behind their product. For example, their Titanium 125gph system is perfect for stock to 600-horsepower pickup trucks. These systems offer protection to those high-dollar fueling components found on these trucks. Extending the life of your parts is key, so this is the perfect insurance. 

This protection includes filtering the fuel down to 3 microns and a built-in water separation filter that eliminates the water from your fuel feed. As aforementioned, aftermarket lift pumps are important for both daily drivers and high-performance applications when looking to improve either fuel economy or increase horsepower/torque.

A common issue, for example, is the 24-valve Ram trucks and their VP44 injection pump. The factory lift pumps on these trucks fail and that leaves the injection pump starving for fuel. Because there is no fuel getting to the pump, it inevitably gets hot without the fuel to lubricate it and it burns up. By bypassing the failing OE part and replacing it with one of these pumps, this problem could be avoided. 

Not only can you provide your truck with airless and waterless fuel, but it can also have a plentiful source of fuel on tap. A FASS lift pump system can be the difference between saving money and spending money. Lastly, because of their “whisper technology”, FASS’ pumps are some of the quietest units on the market. To find out more information about their lineup of products, check out their website. To order yours today, find them right here on KT Performance.