When it comes to your truck, you’re always looking to upgrade it. Whether that be maintenance parts or go-fast goodies, you’re always looking. Warren Diesel is one of the go-to spots for anything and everything Power Stroke fuel injection. From mild to wild, Warren has parts for every build.

      In fact, here at KT Performance, we offer a ton of Warren Diesel options including fuel injectors for the 6.0-liter and 6.4-liter engines. Stock, 155cc, 175cc, and 190cc units with nozzles to fit any build. For those engines looking for a replacement injector, they are covered. For engines that want to crank the power up, there are 30%, 75%, and 100% over stock nozzles.

      For example, Warren Diesel’s 190cc, 100% injector set includes new solenoids, spool valves, plunger springs, poppet springs, all-new hardware, and professionally refurbished nozzles. These injectors, like all of their injectors, are flow tested and every o-ring is replaced prior to sale. Each injector MUST pass four tests before being shipped to you, the customer.

      With quality control at an all-time high, you can guarantee your hard-earned money will be safely spent. For the 2003+ 6.0-liter Power Stroke, these injectors are capable of churning out 550 rear-wheel horsepower. They pair perfectly with a stage 2 or larger VGT turbo or an S362 or larger fixed geometry turbo.

      Because they are precision-tested, these injectors not only allow you to make more horsepower, but they also let you achieve usable horsepower. These are safe for towing when paired with a correct matching turbo and proper tuning. Custom tuning is required with a set of injectors like these to properly idle and maximize their full potential. The injectors will also require an aftermarket lift pump and regulated return to ensure proper fuel flow to the injectors.

      This is merely a glimpse into what Warren Diesel has to offer. If you’re looking to upgrade or repair your Power Stroke-powered pickup, don’t miss out on their products. To find out what exactly fits your build, check out our full listing of products from Warren Diesel right here Click for Power on the KT Performance website.