When it comes to your truck, you’re always looking to upgrade it. Whether that be maintenance parts or go-fast goodies, you’re always looking. Diamond T Enterprises offers anything and everything for the big three manufacturers with a new focus on their line of torque converters. It doesn’t matter if your truck is completely stock or juiced up to over 1,000-horsepower, Diamond T has a torque converter for everyone’s needs. Let’s take a closer look.

  Diamond T converters are built right here in the United States with the highest grade components and are backed with a lifetime, non-transferable warranty for defects and workmanship under normal proper use. By upgrading to a Diamond T converter, you’re going to experience a few different things. These are designed to improve acceleration, increase pulling power, and maximize your truck’s efficiency.

    Unlike other “mass-produced” remanufactured torque converters, Diamond T technicians keep all of the original parts together during the remanufacturing process to assure a matched set of components. Other remanufacturers disassemble hundreds of torque converters and mix all of the parts in large bins. Keeping the parts together results in improved quality.

     Each part is inspected thoroughly and any marginal parts are replaced. They go the extra mile and make sure each converter that is shipped out is quality. “Many other companies do not measure the thickness of the housing and when they machine the surface it makes the metal too thin and leads to early failure,’ said Chris Searle, a Diamond T representative. “If your housing is less than the OEM specs, we replace it with a new one. The torque converters are precision balanced with a computerized balancer and only the best clutch materials are used.”

     Their torque converters are pre-charged with transmission fluid which helps to prevent rust on the internal components leading to early failure in case it is exposed to any humidity before installation. Quality testing is performed on each and every Torque Converter before it leaves the facility.

Dodge Diesel

From 1994 all the way to 2017, or in terms of transmissions, 47RE to the 68RFE, Diamond T covers all of the Ram trucks.

Ford Diesel

Diamond T’s support doesn’t stop at the Ram’s though. For the Ford trucks with the Power Stroke diesel engines, from 1989 to 2017, you’re covered too.

GM Diesel

Like the other aforementioned manufacturers, GMC and Chevrolet are covered too from 2001 to 2013. Each converter, regardless of the year or manufacturer, is priced extremely competitive, too.