Regardless of age or situation, a little extra horsepower and torque is something that is always desired. Sure, there are plenty of bolt-on options like a turbo or a set of injectors but nothing is as quick as plug-and-play power. This is why something like the Power Hungry Hydra chip, for example, is great.

      For any enthusiast in the 7.3 liter Power Stroke engine space, the Hydra chip is a common upgrade. Why? Well, in a matter of minutes, enthusiasts can turn their ordinary trucks into better-performing ones. The Hydra chip provides 7.3 Liter Ford Power Stroke owners with fifteen tuning options by an in-cab-mount module.

     Hydra’s have been redesigned from the ground up and come at a low, competitive cost right here at KT Performance. When the packaging is peeled back, exposed is everything needed for an installation. This includes tunes, a chip, a digital switch, a ribbon cable, and a USB cable. With fifteen different positions, this makes the Hyrda one of the most versatile tuning options for 1994 to 2003 7.3-liter-powered pickups.

     Within the fifteen options available, this includes a built-in module bypass for diagnostics and or emissions testing. The switch panel is an easy-to-read display that can mount virtually anywhere with a flat surface.

Diesel Calibrations For 1994-1997 (Max of 80HP on 1994-1997)

  • Stock (Useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes)
  • Anti-Theft (Prevents the truck from starting)
  • 25hp Extremely Heavy Tow (12,500lbs+)
  • 40hp Heavy Tow (10,000-12,500lbs)
  • 65hp Moderate Tow (7,500-10,000lbs)
  • 80hp Light Tow (Up to 7,500lbs)
  • 65hp Daily Driver (Good for all-around daily driving and economy)
  • 80hp Daily Driver
  • 65hp Performance
  • 80hp Performance
  • 100hp Performance
  • 100hp Race (More aggressive fuel curve for improved low RPM response and top-end power than performance tune)
  • 120hp Race - 140hp Extreme (We do NOT offer the 140hp calibration for 2002-03 trucks with Powdered Metal connecting Rods)
  • High Idle 1,000rpm
  • High Idle 1,100rpm
  • High Idle 1,200rpm
  • Whisper Mode (Hit the drive-thru without having to shut off your truck)
  • Valet Mode 20mph (Lowers the speed limiter)
  • Valet Mode 30mph
  • Valet Mode 40mph
  • Teen Driver 65mph (Locks the speed limiter at 65mph)
  • Teen Driver 75mph

Lastly, one of the many benefits of the Hydra, other than the boost in horsepower and torque output, is the library of calibrations available via HydraFlash™ software. Program and verify one or more positions within one click. The tuner can be customized to the end user’s liking and the position changes take less than twenty seconds to program and verify. To get yours today, check out the Power Hungry Hydra Chip right here at Power Hungry Hydra Chip