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Back tothe UCC in 2023!!

Being a part of something like the Ultimate Callout Challenge is special. It’s the event within the diesel community where all corners of the United States get together and celebrate and display the most powerful diesel engines of all time. This coming year, KT Performance has stepped up in a huge way and has vouched to support the UCC through and through. As this year's presenting sponsor, we wanted to discuss this big announcement and see what it means to them. When discussing the future event, we asked KT Performance what it felt like to be a part of something so big and influential to our industry. Here’s what they had to say.

“In one word? Humbling. At KT Performance, we have always had that deep passion for the diesel industry, the competitors, and the fans. To have an opportunity to team up with everyone at the UCC, Firepunk Diesel, and the Outlaw Diesel Super Series to help make this event bigger and bigger each year is an honor. Our team always loves that rush when we setting up days before shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry’s most elite companies. Then, Friday, when the gates open, there is a huge wave of excitement seeing the sea of fans make their way into the event grounds. There is nothing like it.”

Although most see the UCC as a competition only, it really brings a lot more to the table than that. With a push to make this more unique, and more intriguing each year, we asked KT Performance what they are bringing to the table and how they are going to help push things to the next level. Their answer is as follows.

“We feel that ourselves, KT Performance, and many others, bring our own special passion for diesel to this event. We like to feature new and upcoming brands like Gator Fasteners, and Diamond T Torque Converters, among many other industry staples like FASS or S & B, for example. Bringing in industry titans and their new products introduce our event first timers to see what we can offer for their trucks. On top of that, we like to team up with WD’s and the manufacturers to offer special show deals/prices.”

In one direction, you’re watching a UCC competitor put everything at risk and push for 3,000 horsepower. In the other direction, however, you can see some of the shiniest, most done-up diesel-powered builds in the Show-N-Shine. Lastly, in the middle of it all, you’ve got Outlaw Diesel Super Series’ mega-competitive drag racing. With everything going on, what could possibly have the most attention? For KT Performance, though, it's the fans.


“Without a doubt, our favorite part of this event is the fans. We love the competition with the UCC competitors and the ODSS drag racing but the fans are what really seals the deal for us. This is finally our chance to shake hands and put faces with the many loyal customers we have had the pleasure to work with over the phone throughout the year. The energy they bring to events like this takes this to a whole new level and that is what makes this event so special. Lastly, we love the fact that it is early in the summer. We feel that this event is the true kickoff to a season of great events we all want and deserve.”


For anyone who hasn’t been to a UCC event before, it is hard to explain the magnitude. Luckily, we put the ball in KT’s court to see what they had to say. If you could tell any of your customers that haven’t been to the UCC before, how would you best explain it? KT’s answer may seem simple but it is spot on. “Welcome to the super bowl of diesel power. If you have one ounce of love for diesel engines within your body, this is something that you simply can’t miss. You will want to check out the UCC and once you do, you’ll have your calendar marked every year from here on out.”