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Archoil Maintenance Kit 1  (16oz AR9100 oil treatment & 8.oz AR6200 fuel treatment)

1-AR9100-16 (16oz) Friction Modifier and System Cleaner (Treats over 14 quarts of engine oil)
1-AR6200-8 (8.oz) Fuel Treatment treats 640 Gallons of Diesel or Gas.

Standard Trans-Use 3.2 oz of AR9100/10-1 ratio for each quart of oil
Auto Trans-Use 1 oz of AR9100 to treat 1 gallon of auto transmission fluid

AR9100 contains various esters which dissolves carbon and varnish, a solution for POWERSTROKE injector stiction which is the accumulation of carbon and varnish deposits in the injector spool valve resulting in a performance drop, hard starts, drop in fuel economy, injector failure, etc. AR9100 restores the injectors to OEM performance

AR6200 increases the surface area of fuel droplets to increase the burn rate resulting in a more efficient use of fuel. AR6200 lowers the ignition point of fuel as much as 400º F modifying the burn at a lower temperature utilizing more BTU’s and providing more energy during the combustion process. This also eliminates black smoke with a major reduction in carbon due to a much higher burn rate. A decrease in fuel usage is realized with added horsepower and torque.

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Engines: 1oz per 80 gals or 1 gal per 10,000 gals for: Gasoline, Diesel, LP Gas and Natural Gas.

For heating oil, 2 cycle and bunker fuel treat 1oz per 40 gals, 1 gal per 5000 gals.

In more contaminated systems use initial dosage rates until cleaned out.


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Archoil PS1 Kit
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Nathaniel01/10/2013 04:15PM

Product ownership: Less than 1 month

Purchased from: KT Performance

Just wanted to say thanks for the Archoil Maintenance Kit that I won in the giveaway before Christmas. Have been wanting to try RevX or HotShots, but never did because of the cost. I am extremely happy with the Archoil and will definitely be ordering some more when the fuel additive is empty. I ran the oil additive this change and am very impressed with the difference compared to running without it. Definitely quieted down the injectors and smoothed things out more than running 2stroke oil in the fuel ever has. With 220k on my 7.3, I was very surprised to hear very little injector noise from inside the cab with the oil additive.

Archoil PS-1 kit (AR9100/AR6200)
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Jeff03/30/2013 04:33PM

Product ownership: Less than 1 week

Purchased from: KT Performance

I have to admit that was somewhat skeptical about products that claim to work 'magic', but not any more. After having run these products for just a short time I am realizing significant improvements!!

My 2003 6.0 liter was having real stiction issues every morning, even with fairly warm spring mornings. I search the forums looking for any help and came across these products and decided to give them a try. I changed my oil one week ago and added the AR9100 to the crank case and then added .5 oz of the 6200 to 1/2 tank of fuel. I drove it about 12 miles before parking for the night. The next morning it started without so much as a hiccup, and was drivable almost immediately. As the week has progressed, it is perceptibly quieter at cold start and at operating temperature.

I am also seeing a significant increase in my fuel mileage so far. For as long as I can remember, average around town driving has been between 11 and 12.5 mpg recorded by the onboard computer. Currently, after about 1 week and 150 in town miles, the computer is reading 15.2 mpg. I'm sure that part of the increase is a subconscious light foot with the new products, but in the past I could not reach this number even when trying to drive as efficient as possible.

Very impressed with these products and I would recommend them to anyone with a 6.0 liter!!

Archoil PS-1 kit
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Bernon 05/29/2015 02:07PM

Product ownership: Less than 1 month

Purchased from: KT Performance

Great Stuff for 7.3 powerstroke 275k miles
All I can say is, buy it, add it, It really works!!!

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