Announcing the $200 monthly credit giveaway!

Announcing the $200 monthly credit giveaway from KT Performance with two ways to win! We will be giving away $100 credit to one lucky person that placed an order on our website and $100 credit to someone who leaves a valid product review on our website.

At the end of each month, we will take all of the orders and randomly select one. The more orders you have, the better your chances will be to win. We will also be doing the same process with the product reviews.

For a product review to be valid, it must obtain value and language that would allow us to post it on our website. It doesn’t have to be a positive review, just as long as it would be useful to someone searching for what product would be best for them. If you want to know if your review was accepted, check our website. If your review is accepted and shown on our website, you will be entered to win the $100 credit.

If you are chosen as one of the winners, you will receive an email stating that you have won. The email will include a one time use coupon code for $100 credit that must be redeemed within one year from the date that the email is sent out. The credit can only be used on the website and is not valid for phone orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call toll free 1-855-KTPerformance (1-855-587-3736).

***How to create a product review***
1. Long into your account on our website, or create an account if you do not have one already.
2. View the product you would like to create a review about
3. Scroll down and open the "Review" Tab
4. Write your Review
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Reader Comments (12)

Bryan 09/12/11 10:17:24 PM

Awesome Company and Great prices!!

caylon 09/27/11 12:30:16 AM

Great company and great to deal with, ordered a grand rock hood stack received quickly. I would definetly do business with again!

Jennifer 11/26/11 01:32:13 PM

My wife, Jennifer ordered me the TS Performance six-position chip for my 96 F250 Powerstroke for Xmas but I couldn't wait to install it. The TS is the best chip on the market but other sites selling it don't explain it in detail like KT does. The 94-97 7.3's have a limit that you can benefit from and any HP over that is useless and dangerous for your engine. KT explained that to me and I made an informative decision on what 6 settings to have downloaded. The price may have been alittle more than other sites but it was well spent. Installation was simple and the power gains were large for my stock 7.3. Anyone debating on what site to buy this great chip from should look no further than KT Performance. They will design you just what you need for your specfic driving habits and give you a guarantee that no other dealer can. "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys" and I just got a new toy; anyone want to play? Tony & Jennifer in NC

Derek 03/16/12 01:12:40 AM

I recently ordered a downpipe for my 97 f-350 powerstroke from KT performance and it shipped out fast, it was cheaper than anyone else, and the sticker kicks ass! Am very happy with service and knowledge. I am diffenetly a KT customer. Thankyou.

kent 03/29/12 01:48:25 AM

Ordered a Sterling grille for my Dodge, price was great, service on the phone was great, they got it shipped to me quick, product was great and too top it off, they sent a goodie bag of kool stuff and a sweet sticker. What else can I say. Great company. Thanks again KT Performance.

Brandyn 04/24/13 10:59:51 AM

Order an s&b cold air intake, and a ts six position chip from KT for my 2000 7.3. I was a little hesitant because I'm new to the diesel world and didn't wanna take a chance and tear my truck up.WOW!!!! the chip and intake woke my truck up! I live the dailydriver tunes! If anyone is hesitant, I would suggest o get this chip, its the best thing I've done for the truck! And the intake is incredible! Kenny and his staff were such a big help and not Because they wanted my money unlike other performance companies. Kenny called me and we talked for a good while about everything I wanna do to the truck, and he helped me along. I will be buying everything I need for my truck from KT PERFORMANCE from now on.

Ross 06/16/13 02:36:10 PM

Best place to get all your diesel upgades! I am a ford diesel tech for 17 years. I have bought alot of parts for the ford 7.3 6.0 6.4 engines. KT Proformance has the best prices and customer service. Thanks Kenny and staff for all your help.

Almon 01/04/15 03:35:03 PM

I was watching Truck U on Velocity and saw your website on the Top Side creeper they were using. Your website is awesome I am surprised I have never seen more active advertising. I will definitely visit your site when I am ready to start upgrading my DMAX.

Dylan 04/23/15 06:18:28 AM

I just started my engine build for my 7.3 and it seems as if KTPerformance is the only place where I can purchase the parts I need. Not to mention they have the best prices, and great shipping rates to Alaska. I continue to look forward to my engine build and dealing with you guys. Great customer service!! Thanks!

Jay 01/12/16 09:25:11 PM

Awesome company, great prices, quick delivery!!!!

brian 03/20/16 11:20:47 PM

I got 2000 s10

Shane 07/31/17 08:41:21 PM

I'm from WV and these guys at KT performance are my go to guys for parts for my truck I always try to spread the word.

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