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Re-Burn 6 Position Switchable Chip, Ford (1994-03) 7.3L Power Stroke (tunes for Heavy Modifications)

PHP Re-Burn+
Do not select this chip re-burn if you have stock turbo, HPOP, and injectors. This is for trucks with heavy modifications only. We can re-format and program TS Performance, ATS, DieselSite, Bully Dog, ITP, Swamps, and other 6 position chips.

This TS performance chip re-burn comes with six settings of your choice. However the 1994-97 trucks have a lower flowing HPOP and are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the 1999-03 Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to increases of about 80hp for the 1994-97. Due to injector size, the early 1999 is limited to about 100hp. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 100 HP and 120 HP respectively, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be achieved. Trucks with modified injectors and HPOP are not subject to these restrictions.

- Stock (Useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes)
- 25hp Extremely Heavy Tow (12,500lbs+)
- 40hp Heavy Tow (10,000-12,500lbs)
- 65hp Moderate Tow (7,500-10,000lbs)
- 80hp Light Tow (Up to 7,500lbs)
- 65hp Daily Driver (Good for all-around daily driving and economy)
- 80hp Daily Driver
- 65hp Performance
- 80hp Performance
- 100hp Performance
- 100hp Race (More aggressive fuel curve for improved low RPM response and top end power than performance tune)
- 120hp Race
- 140hp Extreme (We do NOT offer the 140hp calibration for 2002-03 trucks with Powdered Metal connecting Rods)
- High Idle 1,000rpm
- High Idle 1,100rpm
- High Idle 1,200rpm
- Whisper Mode (Hit the drive-thru without having to shut off your truck)
- Valet Mode 20mph (Lowers the speed limiter)
- Valet Mode 30mph
- Valet Mode 40mph
- Teen Driver 65mph (Locks the speed limiter at 65mph)
- Teen Driver 75mph
- Anti-Theft (Prevents the truck from starting, Available in Position 6 only)

***We have found that having high idle/no start tunes in position one can cause issues with the chip, any order placed with a high idle setting in the first position will be adjusted accordingly

If you have a 94-97, you will need to write either "Non-Cali" (for a non-California truck) or "Cali" (if the truck was bought new from Ford in California, this can be verified by your dealer with your VIN number) in the "PCM Code:" box. For the 99-03 you will need to get the 4 digit PCM code off of the PCM located on sidewall behind the parking brake (if you have an E-Series van, it will be located under the hood). PCM will need to be removed to read code. The code can be found on sticker located near the wiring harness plug, it is 3 letters and 1 number. This code is how we determine which calibration to program into our modules and is necessary for your custom calibrations. Include this 4 digit code so we can complete your order.

If you have any questions on what tunes will be best for you, call us at 1-855-KTPerformance (855-587-3736).
Please Call for Availability
Shipping: Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for your custom tunes to be made.


If you are installing the chip in an Excursion with PATS factory anti theft system, this chip will disable the PATS system.
-To eliminate the "THEFT" light, you must disconnect the red connector from the PATS module.
-The PATS module is located below the dash directly above the transmission hump in the floor.
-With the PATS disabled, any key that turns the injection will start the engine. In other words, a non-chip key will start the vehicle.

Some other companies offer "Codes" calibrations for an additional fee. These calibrations prevent the SES light from illuminating. There are certain DTCs that are perfectly acceptable to eliminate such as P0478 (high exhaust pressure) and P0238 (high boost pressure). However, if your truck is setting a DTC such as P1211 (ICP out of range) under hard acceleration, this is frequently a sign of an inadequate or failing high pressure oil system and should be addressed. We strongly advise against disabling this type of DTC, as it relates directly to the performance and longevity of your truck's engine. All of our calibrations are written using tuning parameters which should keep your truck from setting DTCs under normal operating conditions. We believe this should be included in your custom calibrations, so we do not charge our customers for this feature.


Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 1.0 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L6.0000”
  • Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for your custom tunes to be made.

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