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mpe Performance, Hydrogen Generator w/ Electronics


For customers that want to fully design their own custom package we are offering our Hydrogen Generator Cell and Electronics Package. The package includes our high quality Generator Cell made with 304 stainless steel tubes and brackets, custom plastic molded end caps and machined manifolds. The custom Electronics Package includes the Power Module, In-Cab Display Monitor, Power Wire, 125 amp Mega Fuse & Holder and In-Cab Display Cable.

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logo The technology being used today may be modern but the process of producing HHO gas from water has been around since the 1800’s and has seen many attempts by inventors to improve upon it ever since.

Hydrogen is the most abundant energy source in the world and when used safely becomes a clean and powerful fuel.

Water is broken down from its natural state into HHO gas by applying electricity at set voltage and amperage levels through the water and across a series of tubes that have been calibrated to provide the best possible production.

The electricity is provided by your vehicles alternator and channeled through the battery. The electronics package incorporated with our full unit is designed to monitor and control the electrolysis reaction inside the generator and maintain a high level of output while keeping your vehicles electrical system safe.

The resulting output of HHO gas is then fed into the air intake system on your vehicle where it blends with the air and diesel/gasoline providing a performance and mileage boost.

While Hydrogen by itself is a viable alternative fuel source, an on-demand system such as an electrolysis based system can’t produce enough hydrogen for this purpose. While this may seem like a limitation it is in fact a bonus. This technology can be applied to almost any internal combustion application and is very safe. Our unit stores no Hydrogen, it produces it as needed, therefore there is little chance of an accident.

For those whose primary concern is the environment, our unit allows the carbon based fuels in your car to burn more efficiently which lowers harmful emissions and uses less fossil fuels overall.


How Far Can I Drive On One Tank Full of Solution? You should be able to go 500 miles on one tank full depending on the configuration of your HHO unit. The indicator light on the In-Cab Monitor will show when your electrolyte solution is low.

Will this product void my car’s warranty? No it will not! Conditions that may void a vehicle's warranty are specified in a law called the Moss-Magnusson Act which stipulates dealers cannot void warranties because vehicles have aftermarket parts.

What are the concerns with hydrogen? People have asked "is Hydrogen Dangerous?" Hydrogen can be dangerous if not used properly, hydrogen is a highly flammable /explosive gas and should always be handled with caution, out system is an on demand system only and does not store hydrogen but uses it as it's produced.

Will this product work on both Gas and Diesel engines? Yes, this product will work on both gas and diesel engines. It will in fact work on any internal combustion engine. The technology can be modified to work on anything from a lawn mower to an earth mover.

Will this product work in winter weather/freezing temperatures? Yes, our product will work in cold or freezing conditions, during periods where the temperature is at or below freezing, a supplemental additive can be added to the electrolyte solution to keep the solution from freezing allowing normal operation during those periods.

I don’t have room in the bed of my truck, what are my options? Our HHO system is designed so that it can be taken out of the box and mounted anywhere you can find space for it. Some vehicles like the Chevy Duramax have enough space in front of the grill while other vehicles have plenty of space along the frame rail for mounting.

Do I have to have a mechanic install this product? Installation can be done by a professional BUT any do-it-yourself mechanic can install this system by themselves. Each kit is complete with full installation instructions. Depending on the vehicle, installation time by either yourself or a mechanic could range between 1 and 2 hours.


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