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Diesel Power Source Twin Turbo Kit, Dodge (2007.5-09) 6.7L Cummins, S475/D-Tech 62

Diesel Power Source, Twin/Compound Turbo Kit, performs excellent when Racing, Towing, or Sled Pulling, but is very mild mannered.

Spool up time is identical to stock, while raising airflow significantly. Customers are amazed at the spool up, and driveability. While most twin setups are sluggish off the line, due to incorrectly sized turbos, this kit uses a very quick spooling D-Tech primary (Compare to BD & Phat Shaft Turbos, but modified especially to be very fast spooling), to produce boost right off idle. In conjunction with a large volume S475 to produce all of the airflow you'll need. Now a 360 Degree thrust bearing is included in the D-TECH Turbo. 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Adds 45% more thrust load capacity, making your small turbo virtually "indestructible".

EGT's are typically reduced by 300-500 degrees, over a single turbocharger. Making towing with our Twins a dream. Boost pressure will typically exceed drive pressure. This can't typically be done with a single turbocharger (with single turbos, typically drive pressure is nearly double boost pressure). Horsepower, and torque are increased throughout the entire RPM band, and significantly increased in mid and upper range.

This Twin/Compound Turbo Kit was designed on cutting edge CAD/CAM Software, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Testing. You will not find a more high tech kit on the market today. Everything fits like it was built from the factory to be there.

EGT Test Results: The following test results were to test different single turbochargers against our Twin Turbo Kit. Each test consisted of a sustained 400hp dyno pull. The test truck was brought up to a 400hp pull on the dyno, and then loaded to hold a sustained loaded pull, equal to pulling a trailer up a grade using 400 hp. The EGT's were read pre-turbo. (test results are on the HT3B Twin Kit. The S475 Twin Kits are even better than these results) The results follow:

•Test 1 Stock Turbo: Max EGT's reached 1700 degrees, (Test Time: 13 seconds, operator ended test due to excessive EGT's).
•Test 2 Competitors Stainless Steel Housing Turbo: Max EGT's reached 1700 deg (Test Time: 17 seconds, operator ended test due to excessive EGT's).
•Test 3 Diesel Power Source Twin Turbos: Max EGT's reached 1290 (Test Time: 1 minute, EGT's did not ever exceed 1290 degrees).

These results were very clear, and speak for themselves.

Specifically tuned for 350 to 800 horsepower applications. This kit is the most unique and innovative Twin Turbo Kit available today, with features like:
-Direct bolt-on application, no cutting or fabrication needed.
-Uses only the stock oil return (no need to pop out freeze plug for the second return line), all oil returns in the single, stock block return line.
-The absolute largest air filter on the market.
-Low pressure charge pipe is silicone with Kevlar liner, you don't have to fight to a steel charge pipe, and silicone tubing uses less clamps, and is much more expensive than steel tubing.
-High pressure charge pipe is chrome plated aluminum, very attractive and strong.
-Small turbo has a 180% greater wastegate capacity
-An option of adding a built-in external wastegate.
-Cast hot pipe, has external wastegate port already built-in.
-Steel braided oil feed lines.
-Polished D-Tech (small) turbocharger.
-S475 Large Turbo charger.
-3-Piece Pulse manifold included in kit.
-Support bracket for Lower (Large) Turbo.
-Adjustable boost pressure.

Please note: Head studs are highly recommended for boost pressure over 45 psi, and fire rings recommended for boost pressure over 60 psi. This system is capable of well over 60 psi, but is adjustable to below 60 psi, depending on truck.

Kit includes: Air Filter, Cast Iron Elbow (carries exhaust from primary to secondary turbo), Support Bracket, 3-Piece Manifold, 2 Rubber Inlet Air Tubes (reinforced with steel to prevent collapsing), Silicone/Kevlar Charge Pipe, Chrome Plated Aluminum Charge Pipe, 1-D-Tech Turbo (small turbo), 1-S475 Turbo (large turbo), 1-D-Tech 62 Turbo (small turbo) 2-Steel Braided High Temp Oil Supply Lines, 2-Oil Drain Lines & Fittings, Turbo Gaskets, Oil Line Adapters, Mounting Bolts, Exhaust Adapter (from S475 to exhaust pipe), V-Band Clamps, High Torque T-Bolt Clamps, Low Torque Clamps, Installation Instructions.

1-Year, 1-Time, Limited Warranty on Turbos.
Was: $4,095.00
Sale: $3,499.00
Save: 15%
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Please note:
-On all automatics the oil cooler will need to be relocated.
-For 6.7L Cummins, this kit requires a DPF, EGR, and turbo delete/removal as well as a programmer with a turbo delete, such as Smarty. The phisical components of the DPS, EGR, and stock turbo must be removed for this kit to be used. For all 6.7 L Cummins this kit is for off-road use only. Mass Air Flow Sensors need to be cut into the air intake.


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