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Power Hungry Performance ECM Rollback, Ford (2003-07) 6.0L Power Stroke, Stock File

When it was released, the '03 6.0L Power Stroke was an impressive powerhouse. Variable Vane Turbo technology combined with 4 valve per cylinder heads helped the engine produce power levels that would overshadow the earlier 7.3L Power Stroke engines, despite the smaller displacement! Unfortunately, it was equally plagued with mechanical failures. This, combined with an inadequate supply of replacement parts, gave the early 6.0L a horrible reputation, not only among Ford enthusiasts, but the general truck driving public.

Late 2004 saw the release of the redesigned 6.0L engine with radical changes to the cylinder heads which helped improve head gasket sealing and virtually eliminated coolant leaks. Unfortunately, this year also saw the release of Engine Control Module (ECM) and Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) updates that limited power output of the engine and severely degraded fuel economy. Also, in an effort to reduce further issues on the '03 and '04 model years, the same power limiting calibrations were loaded into any vehicle that happened to wander into a Ford dealership for service. Often, these "updates" were applied without the knowledge (or approval) of the vehicle owners. Imagine the surprise of 6.0L owners everywhere who went in for a simple oil change and lost 25-40 HP and 2-5 MPG INSTANTLY!

Power Hungry Performance provides the 6.0L ECM Rollback to restore your '03 to '04 6.0L to its former glory and breathe new life into your '05 to '07 6.0L. Often, customers with later "Inferred EBP" ECM strategies will not see the same results from a FICM Reflash as customers with earlier ECM strategies do. Ford dealerships do not have the capability to reprogram your ECM/TCM back to an earlier, more desirable calibration; however, with this ECM Rollback you can!

The vehicle tested in the charts was a 2004 F-250 2WD with 283,000 miles.
Vehicle test conditions: Engine at full operating temperature, 3rd Gear, Converter Locked. (To read the dyno charts, the Torque scale is on the left and the HP scale is on the right.)

-This first image helps to illustrate the differences between a standard FICM strategy and a modified FICM strategy on an otherwise stock vehicle.
-The second image helps to illustrate the differences between a standard FICM strategy and a modified FICM strategy when combined with a modified ECM.

**Due to customers having technical difficulties PHP no longer offers the rollback remotely, this option is for local customers only. The truck must be brought to us for us to program.
Availability: Local Customers Only